How to Create A MySchoolBucks Web Payment Account

Begin by visiting and click on “Buy Student Meals” or click the link below. Click on Sign up today!. Enter your information as requested. Note: your e-mail address will be your username. Click Create Account when done. You’ll receive a screen message that your user profile has been successfully created. Begin adding your students. You can complete this by entering either the student birth date (must follow format xx/xx/xxxx) OR student ID. You can choose whether or not to receive low balance e-mail notifications, and dollar amount at which you prefer to be notified, for each student as you add them. Click Finish when done adding students.

Once you have completed the set-up steps, you are taken to the page that displays your students and their current balances. You can continue on to make a payment if you wish, by selecting Add One-Time Funds or Set Up Autopay, or check each child’s account details.

One-Time Funds allows you to make a payment today, for any amount up to $300 for one or multiple students. You can choose from preset amounts (ie $10, $20, $35) or enter an amount in the “Other” box. Scroll down to enter and save your payment information and press Continue on the right.

Set Up Autopay will allow you to have an automatic payment applied to the student accounts either based on when their balance falls below a specific dollar amount set by you, or on a recurring basis, say weekly or monthly. You will simply receive an e-mail letting you know that a payment in the amount of $xx was applied to the student’s account. This is a great feature to ensure your student’s account is always funded. This can be set-up any time and removed any time you wish.

To view details of each student, you can hover over the child’s name and click on it. This brings up a window where you can view Recent Payments, Scheduled Payments, and Cafeteria Purchases for that student. You also have the option to Download any of these reports into an Excel file.

During the first payment you make, you will be asked if you’d like to Pay As You Go, or sign-up for OnePay.
Pay As You Go will incur a $1.95 processing fee on each transaction completed.
OnePay is a discounted program fee for student cafeteria accounts you pay directly to MySchoolBucks. OnePay allows parents to pay a program fee upfront from their checking account, with unlimited payments for 12 months. Parents can make as many payments as they want, and in any amount – there are no spending limits and never incur another $1.95 processing fee at checkout. (See MySchoolBucks OnePay Annual Program Fee for more information.)

Your name is shown at the top right of your screen and provides a pull down menu with links to manage your account. You can add/remove students under My Students, update your AutoPay Settings, view/change your Profile, add billing accounts (credit card or checking accounts), etc.

If you need assistance with setting up your account, website features, or processing a payment please contact MySchoolBucks directly at 855-832-5226. MySchoolBucks is dedicated to customer support and will help you a timely manner.

If you have specific questions regarding your student’s balance or cafeteria purchases, please e-mail