Nutrition Services

How to Create A Web Payment Account

Begin by visiting and click on “Buy Student Meals.” Click on Create new account. Create a Username and Password. Fill out the Account Holder information (usually who will be using the online account), and add an e-mail address. This will be necessary if you should ever need to retrieve your username or password information. Set-up your Security Questions.

Next you can add students to your online account. You’ll need the Student ID or Cafeteria PIN and birthdate of each child to continue. Choose +Add Student and enter the required information. Next you may choose whether to receive e-mail notifications of low balances. Choose Do Not Notify, or Notify, and select the Low Lunch Limit and Low Cash Limit amounts. This is the trigger at which the notifications will be sent to you. Save Student Settings. If you have multiple students, you may add more students now.

Once you are done adding students, you may click Continue to Purchase Meals. All children will appear with their current account information under the Balance column. You can make deposits in their accounts via credit card or electronic check. All instructions are provided.

If you ever need to make any changes to your account information, you may choose Edit Account Settings (next to Logout) to bring up your profile page.

If you need assistance, please e-mail