Title I

Title I Authorization

Title I funds are part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) authorization enacted in 1965. Funding provides extensive supplemental services to high poverty schools which support programs that improve and meet high performance and content standards. This policy is committed to closing the achievement gap between low-income students and other students. The program is based on a family-centered approach, involving family engagement and education activities as vital components.

When a school is designated to receive Title I support, federal funds will be allocated to supplement district funding. The federal funds are specifically intended to provide additional academic and family engagement activities.

Parent Involvement is welcome and encouraged in Lincoln Public Schools and a required component of programming for Title I schools. The links below will provide you with information about the Lincoln Public Schools Parent Involvement Policy and a letter to parents from Dr. Marco Pedroza with specific parent notifications for parents with students attending a Title I school.

Parental Involvement Policy
Parent Notification on Teacher Qualifications
State of Nebraska Title I

Title I Funding

Email fpbudget@lps.org with any questions related to Federal Programs funding

Lincoln Public Schools - Schoolwide Title I Programs:

A schoolwide program is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to upgrade the entire educational program in a Title I school; its primary goal is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on State academic achievement standards.

Parents of students attending any school in a district receiving Title I funds may request, and the district will provide to the parents in a timely manner, information regarding the professional qualifications of the of the student’s teacher(s) and paraprofessional(s).

Lincoln Public Schools Title I Schoolwide Programs
School #School NamePrincipalSchool PhoneAddress
120Arnold ElementaryJodi Frager402-436-11205300 W Knight Dr. (24)
124Belmont ElementaryKim Rosenthal402-436-11243425 N 14 St. (21)
127Brownell ElementaryNikosia Kruse402-436-11276000 Aylesworth Av. (05)
129Campbell ElementarySean Bailey 402-436-1129 2200 Dodge St. (21)
132Clinton ElementaryAngela Luedtke402-436-11321520 N 29 St. (03)
210Culler MiddleMichaela Hahn402-436-12105201 Vine St. (04)
211Dawes MiddleLiz Miller402-436-12115130 Colfax (04)
136Elliott ElementaryMichelle Kulas402-436-1136225 S 25 St. (10)
159Everett ElementaryMichael Long402-436-11591123 C St. (02)
213Goodrich MiddleKelly Apel402-436-12134600 Lewis Ave. (21)
139Hartley ElementaryRob Rickert402-436-1139730 N 33 St. (03)
144Huntington ElementaryKristi Schirmer402-436-11442900 N 46 St. (04)
149Lakeview ElementarySusan Hershberger402-436-1149300 Capitol Beach Blvd. (28)
215Lefler MiddleAllison Meister402-136-12151100 S 48th St. (10)
150McPhee ElementaryChris Boden402-436-1150820 Goodhue Blvd. (08)
155Norwood Park ElementaryPam Hale402-436-11554710 N 72 St. (07)
212Park MiddleCharlotte Everts402-436-1212855 S 8th St. (08)
160Pershing ElementaryAnnette Bushaw402-436-11606402 Judson St. (07)
161Prescott ElementaryJ.J. Wilkins402-436-11611930 S 20 St. (02)
 163Randolph ElementaryRyan Erickson402-436-11631024 S 37th St. (10)
164Riley ElementaryJeff Bjorkman402-436-11645021 Orchard St. (04)
166Saratoga ElementaryMarci Imel402-436-11662215 S 13 St. (02)
168West Lincoln ElementaryScott Schwartz402-436-1168630 W Dawes Ave. (21)

Dr. Marco Pedroza

Director, Federal Programs

Lindsey Luly

Title Program Supervisor

Mackenzie Hahn

Budget Supervisor

Rhonda Meyer

Federal Programs Technician

Anne Caruso

Grant Specialist

Bushra Alsalman

Budget Technician