ELL- English Language Learner Program

The ELL Welcome Center and enrollment office (watch our video) is located at 936 N. 70th Street, phone 402-436-1998.

About the Program

Lincoln Public Schools is proud of its diverse student population and is committed to the goal of meeting the needs of ELL students at all grade levels.  We currently serve approximately 3,000 English Language Learners in our K-12 program.  Our students and their families represent approximately 150 different countries and 125 different languages.

ELL services are provided to assist students with limited English skills to function in the regular English-speaking classroom, to develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English, and to develop knowledge about the customs and culture of the school, community, and nation. Program leaders, coaches, teachers, and liaisons are helpful in facilitating resource information about many cultures and languages in the community.

ELL services are provided district wide.  A home language survey must be administered to determine if a student is a potential English Learner (EL) student.  The 3 questions required by Rule 15 include:

  • What language did the student first learn to speak?
  • What language is spoken most often by the student?
  • What language is primarily used in the student’s home regardless of the language spoken by the student?

If the responses indicate that the student speaks a language other than English, then a language proficiency assessment must be administered to determine if the student qualifies as an EL student.

For more information regarding assessment, please contact the ELL Welcome center and enrollment office located at 936 N. 70th Street. The phone number is 402-436-1998.

ELL Program Goals

  • Teaches students listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
  • Helps students to develop important knowledge in many subject areas.
  • Teaches students strategies necessary for success in other curriculum areas.
  • Orients students to the culture of the school and community.
  • Helps students maintain respect for their culture and use of their first language.

In Order to Meet These Goals, the District:

  • Identifies students who may be limited English proficient
  • Assesses their English language proficiency
  • Provides a program of services to meet their language and academic needs
  • Involves parents or guardians in the education of their children
  • Assists in fostering a culture of learning that values and is responsive to the diverse backgrounds of the students and their families
  • Provides support to staff in their acquisition and use of specific knowledge, skills and strategies for English Language Learners

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Laura Salem

ELL Supervisor