Homeless Education

About the Program

According to federal law, children who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate residence are considered homeless.
The primary focuses of this program are students and the families of students who lack a fixed or adequate residence and at risk youth. The program is responsible for providing academic and basic support services for homeless students and their families. Parents are provided with support when enrolling students and positive support for their students’ academic development. LPS involvement in resource development, interagency collaboration, and advocacy on behalf of homeless, near homeless, and/or at risk youth is ensured by the programs advocate.


Homeless Coordinator, Ellen Reilly can be reached at ereilly@lps.org. Contact her by phone at 402.436.1963 or mobile at 402.326.3440.

The Youth Development Team (YDT) Coordinator, Peter Ferguson can be contacted at pfergus@lps.org. Contact him by phone at 402.436.1974.

Ellen Reilly

Homeless Coordinator