Indian Education

About the Program

Indian Education is a  comprehensive program that focuses on multiple needs or concerns of Native American students and their families. The program staff focuses on collaboration with administrators, staff, and parents to help ensure that services are integrated for students. Assistance is provided to families to integrate program and family goals for the greatest academic success of the student. Advocating for students involves, but is not limited to, obtaining needed services for students, implementation of multicultural principals, and short term counseling with families who have a student experiencing difficulty or who requests assistance.


Native American Youth Grant Coordinator, Barbara Buttes, can be contacted at or 402.436.1961

Native American Youth Grant Cultural Specialist, Sarah Widger, can be contacted at or 402.436.1987

Indian Education Student Advocates for the Native American Community, Kris Ross, can be contacted at or 402.436.1940

The Youth Development Team (YDT) Coordinator, Peter Ferguson, can be contacted at or 402.436.1974