Graphics Department: Poster/Banner Printing Info

We can print posters/banners up to about 44-inches x 15-feet

  • We have several paper types and roll sizes available that will save you money!
  • Our banner printer needs a 1” non-print zone around all posters (ex. the print area on the 24” paper is 22”).
  • We can hand trim to any size on small orders only, but for large quantity orders we may limit size options.
  • Almost all district laminators can laminate posters up to 24” wide. Extra long banners will need to be around 22” or less.


Double Matte

Double Matte is a tag-like paper with brilliant colors. It’s perfect for laminating!

Premium Glossy

A heavier photo paper with a glossy finish and brilliant colors


A durable matte paper that is hard to rip or tear

Adhesive Vinyl

A thin peel-&-stick vinyl stock with brilliant colors
(This is NOT the heavy vinyl that outdoor banners are made of)

Enhanced Matte Poster Board

A sturdy 24”x 30” sheet with a 22” x 28” print area