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Community News is a monthly publication of Lincoln Public Schools during the school year (9 months).

Community News is open to advertising from nonprofit organizations and government entities (colleges, departments, programs, etc.) promoting student- and family-friendly events and services. Each issue is sent home with elementary students through school take home-folders and a digital copy is emailed to every LPS family, including high school and middle school families. Total print production is roughly 16,000 copies and the digital version is emailed to roughly 25,000 families.

What is in each issue?

Each issue has stories of teaching and learning in Lincoln Public Schools, promotions of upcoming events, and tips and strategies for families, as well as games and activities.

When is Community News Delievered?

Our goal is to have Community News distributed to all students a few days before or after the first of the month. The exact dates can not be guaranteed, so it is best to not solely rely on Community News for promoting events in the first week of a month.

Advertise in Community News

Pricing, Sizes, Color options

Quarter page
(4.875″ wide by 10.4″ tall)
black and white – $125
color  – $225

(9.85″ x 10.4″)
black and white  – $225
color – $325

Full page
(9.85″ x 21″)
black and white – $425
color  – $525

Insert $650

Space and art deadlines for 2020-21

(Issue - Deadline)

  • September – Aug. 17
  • October – Sept. 14
  • November – Oct. 19
  • December – Nov. 16
  • January – Dec. 14
  • February – Jan. 18
  • March – Feb. 15
  • April – March 15
  • May – April 19

Questions? Ideas?

If you have any questions about this publication please contact Julie Dansky (, 402-436-1610) about advertising requests, or contact Jason Keese ( about content and distribution.