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Our school district’s Communications Department serves Lincoln Public Schools students, parents and families, staff members and community stakeholders – by increasing awareness, understanding, involvement and support for schools through effective communication and community engagement.

We aspire to build trust in Lincoln Public Schools and build a broad foundation of community understanding and support by sharing our stories with a variety of audiences – internally and externally – and creating a spirit of open communications and engagement within and without the community. Our ultimate goal is to continue the school district’s legacy of excellence and uphold the school district’s mission statement of providing the highest quality education for all Lincoln Public Schools students.

We play a critical role in informing and engaging the public through a wide variety of communication and engagement tools: coordinated partnerships, news media relations, school events and activities, school district website, print and email publications, graphics and word processing, video programs and social media.

If you have questions or comments, please feel to contact me at: mkroth@lps.org  – or 402-436-1609.

Some tips in using this site

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Some tips in using this site

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If you need help...

  • Mary Kay Roth, 402-436-1609, mkroth@lps.org
    • General communications and media
  • Mindy Burbach, 402-436-1619, mburbach@lps.org
    • Media relations, social media, news stories, video, photography
  • Jason Keese, 402-436-1478, jkeese@lps.org
    • News stories, photography, media relations
  • Cynthia Wehland- Falk, 402-436-1834, cwehlan@lps.org
    • Photography, audio needs, video production

Mary Kay Roth
Director of Communication
mkroth@lps.org | 402-436-1610

P.O. Box 82889
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501

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