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A question, and response, about student devices

A community member recently contacted LPS with questions about student laptops, the reasoning behind them, and how they will be handled at the end of each school year. Here is the response from Kirk Langer, Chief Technology Officer for Lincoln Public Schools. LPS is coming to the close of the 2nd year of a 3-year […]

LB930 and Lincoln Public Schools

The passage of LB930 by the state legislature will eliminate the current Nebraska State Accountability (NeSA) reading, writing and math assessments at the high school level – and replace it. The replacement will be a standard college admissions test to be selected by the State Board of Education (like the ACT, SAT or similar assessment) […]

Questions Related to North Star Enrollment and High School Enrollment

1. How many students reside in the attendance boundary of each of our high schools? Lincoln High 2,031 – East High 1,743 – Northeast 1,674 – Southeast 1,655 – North Star 2,463 – Southwest 1,441 2. How many students in the North Star attendance area attend North Star? 1,810 students, as of the 2015-2016 official […]

Why dismissing school early isn’t a realistic option

The most common comments Lincoln Public Schools received yesterday — other than just a general plea for a snow day from students — was to let our students go home from school earlier than scheduled. If you consider yesterday’s snowfall and the timing of the snow, our school district believes we would have made a tough […]

When to send a message home to families

When should schools send a message to families about something potentially or actually harmful that happened at school? – When it disrupted the students’ day – When students are talking about with friends and family (text, social media, word of mouth) – When it will impact the school day going forward – When media or […]

LPS elementary classroom ‘wish lists’

Traditionally, one of the rituals families participate in as they prepare for the new school year is to purchase school supplies. In accordance with the Nebraska Constitution and state and federal law, Lincoln Public Schools provides a free, public education to all students. This generally means the district provides the supplies needed for instruction at […]

Basic Chromebook questions … and answers

1. What is the make and model of the Chromebooks LPS will be receiving? Chromebook 11 from Dell will be distributed to students entering 6th Grade and the Focus Programs (Arts & Humanities, Science, International Baccalaureate, The Career Academy) this fall. 2. What does the Chromebooks come with? (i.e accessories) In addition to the Chromebook, students […]

What is the criteria for a ‘snow day’?

There is no set criteria. Closing schools for inclement weather involves forecasts from multiple sources, projected wind and wind chill, temperature, accompanying precipitation, forecast throughout the day, and so forth. In addition, we work with the City of Lincoln to gauge their ability to clean streets and sidewalks, based on time and severity and type of snow […]

New middle school in southeast Lincoln?

Received a question from a parent in the Kloefkorn Elementary School attendance area asking about the potential for a new middle school in southeast Lincoln. Currently, Lux Middle School on 79th Street and a few blocks south of Van Dorn Street, serves the area. Here was our response: Earlier this spring, a group called the […]

When in doubt, call the school

The best way to get the fastest, most accurate answer … is to call your school. There are so many ways to get in touch with us at Lincoln Public Schools. But not all of them have the same effectiveness. If you need an immediate answer, do not use social media. Facebook: While we try […]

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