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What mic works well with an iPad?

LPS Communications uses a VideoMic Me microphone, which is a directional mic, meaning it is designed to pick up sound that is directly in front of the mic. Want to see and hear the difference? Watch this short video.

If you post photos of your students to a social media account, you should read this

Remember that time … when a friend of yours posted a work photo onto their personal Facebook account, and tagged you – and it wasn’t a great photo – and dozens of people liked it before you even saw it? It’s not all that dissimilar from the viewpoint of some students. LPS Communications strongly recommends […]

Four reasons why some website content is blocked on LPS network

Filtering websites and online content in Lincoln Public Schools is not all that different from filtering offline content. This can mean making broad decisions about what students can see and not see while on the internet network in Lincoln Public Schools. By and large, these decisions are the same for all schools to provide consistency […]

Why schools should be prudent in sending all-parent phone calls

Schools should seriously review how often they choose to send an all-parents phone call home through School Messenger. The only time a phone call should be made to all parents … when the school needs the parent to act immediately. This means only call when: There is a change in the next drop-off or pickup […]


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