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Questions Related to North Star Enrollment and High School Enrollment

1. How many students reside in the attendance boundary of each of our high schools? Lincoln High 2,031 – East High 1,743 – Northeast 1,674 – Southeast 1,655 – North Star 2,463 – Southwest 1,441 2. How many students in the North Star attendance area attend North Star? 1,810 students, as of the 2015-2016 official […]

Results of the LPS Trivia

LPS trivia is part history, part current events and part geography. Don’t worry, they are open book tests, if you want, and they won’t affect your overall grade. Below we provide an analysis of the first set of questions. Part 2 is ready for your answers. 1. As a group, we did a pretty good […]

Choosing a high school

High Schools in Lincoln Public Schools are hosting open houses this month to help students and their families understand the enrollment process. Read more One aspect of this process is open enrollment: a student can choose to attend any high school it wishes, provided he or she follows the process and there is room in […]

How many is 37,000?

We added up students at Lincoln Public Schools last week. Each year, on the final Friday of September, we take an official count of all the students in our school district.  We add up all the kids in our six high schools, 11 middle schools and 38 elementary schools.  We count all the preschool children […]

Football, track & field top sports popularity

More than 5,400 students tried out for athletic sports, and about 84% made the team and finished the 2011/12 sports season. Last year, 4,566 student-athletes finished the sports season, with football being nearly twice as popular as Boys Track & Field, the second most popular sport. Track and Field and Soccer were the most popular girls sports. […]

Statistical handbook a gem for those who love numbers

For me, the Statistical Handbook section of our website is a gold mine of numbers. For starters, here’s the link – (This section will be updated later this fall, and you can bet I’ll let you know about it on this blog.) So if you want to know how many students attend which schools, […]


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