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Educational Programming

Low response, with just 10 submissions, but 7 people said they would watch more or watch anything at all if they knew it was on and when. Watching online via the LPS website or on a social media website was more popular than the public access channel. The comments most regularly mentioned they would consider […]

What one thing would you change about your school?

Responses included: Start school later in the year, not halfway through summer. Bring back school supply lists Better support for the music department Allow parents to name or request a teacher by name… Have a mentoring partnership with new families. To start the school year in late August. Simplify! Particularly for getting children help Standard […]

School Information Packets: Print or electronic?

37 out of 45 favor receiving their school information packets in electronic form, rather than the current printed form mailed to all families in LPS. A summary of comments: Send only one packet per household, not family, and that could mean sending it to two different houses for one student Send an individual copy for […]

When is the best time on a school night to have a school event (all times p.m.)?

The overwhelming majority of voters prefer start time between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m., with the latter being the most popular. 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. – 17 votes (out of 55) 6 to 7 p.m. – 14 votes 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. – 13 votes Any event starting at 5 or before was not popular, drawing […]

ConnectLPS Summary: Distance Learning

Readers were asked for their ideas expanding Distance Education via video conferencing and similar technology. Readers suggested teaming up with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to expand the offerings open to students. Another suggestion to use the online model to ‘Flip The Classroom’ was met with some support and some apprehension about the Khan Academy model. […]

ConnectLPS Summary: Rethinking the school library

Rethinking the School Library was a popular topic, and it appears a group of students were eager to share their ideas, which included: Keep books, but add touchscreens so students could ‘flip’ through options to check out; Adjust lighting and color scheme to make it more natural, more relaxing, more engaging; Create different spaces for […]

ConnectLPS Summary: School closing announcements

For a few days after a snowstorm and snow day this winter, we asked about the timing of school closing announcements. If the decision to close school was made in the morning, readers preferred by 5 a.m. (51 votes) then 6 a.m. (44 votes). For an evening announcement, the overwhelming favorite was to make a […]

ConnectLPS Summary: School Safety

Eighty-six readers at ConnectLPS felt students were Mostly Safe or Very Safe when attending school. Only two felt they were Not Very Safe. There were also similar opinions on what security steps should be taken at LPS schools. Fifty-four out of 88 voters said they didn not want the front door locked, but 73 out […]

ConnectLPS Summary: Big Ideas

Readers were asked to submit their own ‘Big Ideas’ for schools, and others could comment and ‘second’ the idea. IDEA: Ask LPS schoolkids for feedback on school lunches This was followed up with seven comments on the issue, with two of those comments from Edith Zumwalt correcting a few misnomers, and reminding people we get […]

ConnectLPS Summary: LPS Athletics

Readers were asked various questions about LPS Athletics, particularly in regards to their attendance and their interest in watching online webcasts of high school sporting events. For this summary, unless otherwise stated only the adult (non-student) responses were used. There is not a large enough population sample size to make this scientific, but it can […]

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