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Gratitude to the 2014–2015 LPS Community Curriculum Council

The Lincoln Public Schools Community Curriculum Council serves as a channel for direct communication between parent and community groups – and instructional leadership in our school district. This group plays an important role in connecting with people across our school district, and we are grateful that so many citizens are willing to commit their time and service to our school district.

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lightbulbCurriculum at Lincoln Public Schools

The word curriculum refers to the things students are expected to know and learn to do, the instructional strategies and other activities teachers use to help students learn, and the learning materials, including textbooks, teachers use with students. All curriculum in Lincoln Public Schools is multicultural.

The curriculum in Lincoln Public Schools provides students with important knowledge and skills necessary for success in school, preparation for post high school education and entering the work world. As in any growing, changing organization, curriculum is periodically reviewed for the purpose of keeping it current and relevant to the needs of students and society.

The learning characteristics of students are considered when making curriculum decisions. Curriculum is developed to provide options for the wide variety of student learning abilities.

This site also includes information on several programs currently in operation in the district. These programs are listed separately because they have implications for curriculum.

If a more detailed description of a curriculum area is desired, please call your school principal, the appropriate curriculum specialist noted on the following pages, or me. We will be happy to discuss any aspect of the curriculum with you.



Jadi Miller
Director, Curriculum
Phone: 402-436-1634

Curriculum Objectives

Please see specific subject areas for curriculum objectives.

Current Textbooks for LPS

Graduation Requirements

Weighted Grades

High School Graduation Demonstrations Individual Accomplishment Plan Summary