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Career and Technical Education at Lincoln Public Schools

LPS Career and Technical Education (CTE) builds a foundation of academic and technical skills so that students are aware of the diversity of career options available to them as they begin to prepare for post-secondary education or entry into entrepreneurship/employment to achieve their career goals.  CTE prepares all students for life by:

  • Learning through academic and technical skill development
  • Earning as productive citizens in a global society, and
  • Living as a contributing member of their community

LPS-CTE offers rigorous and relevant courses within career pathways (see LPS-CTE Planning Guide) as defined by the Nebraska Career Education model.  Extended learning opportunities are provided through career student organizations and business and industry partnerships.  Career and Technical Education is delivered through a variety of programs of study at each of our comprehensive high schools in the areas of Business/Technology/ Family And Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, Skilled and Technical Science and Work Experience.  Specific course listings can be found under each discipline area.  Students from all high schools can also continue their study at The Career Academy for advanced courses, dual credit opportunities, and additional programs. 

CTE Planning Guide

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Planning Guide is intended to give some guidance and direction to students, parents, counselors and schools in selection of appropriate CTE courses in alignment with a student’s career field of interest. The guide also helps to identify foundational courses and additional courses at the high schools or at The Career Academy. Students generally earn CTE concentration status by taking at least 3 courses in a career field area at their high school or at The Career Academy. The CTE Planning Guide is based on national and state education models for Career and Technical Education.   

Refer to your school’s enrollment information and the course description for additional information and recommended course sequences.

CTE Staff

Jason Thomsen

Jason Thomsen

Curriculum Specialist: Career and Technical Education

Kristin Vest
Family And Consumer Sciences/Health Sciences
kvest2@lps.org | 402.436.1807

Stan Haas
Skilled and Technical Sciences
shaas@lps.org | 402.436.1857

Julie Hippen
Business, Take Charge, Work Experience
jhippen@lps.org | 402.436.1827

Jean Harrison
jharris@lps.org | 402.436.1821

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