Visual Art at LPS

Mission Statement

The LPS Visual Art Department provides instruction in the discipline of aesthetics, and in the production, criticism and history of art.

By studying and practicing art, students develop visual perception, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation of a diverse aesthetic heritage. It is part of our purpose to communicate to students and to the community the significance of the Visual Arts as a most important form of communication about the human condition, and a vital visual literacy component of a comprehensive education.



The LPS Visual Arts Standards and Learning Objectives enable students to:

  • Analyze, reflect on, understand and communicate ideas prevalent in today’s Visual Age of media-rich culture.
  • Understand that art is a form of literacy that can convey meaning through content (theme, metaphor, irony), context (personal, cultural, historical) and form (elements and principles of design, technique, genre, style).
  • Create meaningful ideas that convey concepts, feelings, values and qualities.
  • Identify and understand cross-culturalism in art, and appreciate diversity of cultures as well as commonalities between them.
  • Develop cognitive skills of observation, creativity, reflection, critical thinking (problem finding), problem solving, recognizing multiple and diverse interpretations, and confronting ambiguity.
  • Experience art as an intellectually challenging subject that aligns with broader educational and social goals. Understand how to scrutinize the Big Idea in art and culture, then discuss and create artistic responses from their own perspectives.
  • Develop an understanding of, and sensitivity to, aesthetic issues and concerns.
  • Study environments in which they live, and understand the importance of beauty in our world, through opportunities such as project-based learning.

Visual Art Staff

Lorinda Rice

Curriculum Specialist

Stephanie Baer

Teacher Leader

Tina Spomer

Art Mentor Grant Coordinator

Brooke Rudeen

Administrative Assistant

Student Art Spotlight

Face of a Hero
Tina, Campbell Elementary