Service Dogs at LPS Athletic Events

Service dogs (not “emotional support dogs” or “emotional support animals”) for those individuals with disabilities should be identified by their signature SERVICE DOG vest that states they are in fact a service dog (there are a number of identifiable service dog vests). As long as a service dog has an identifiable vest or tag, they are allowed in/on/at LPS venues/LPS contracted venues. If the dog is for emotional support, per district policy, they are not allowed in/on/at LPS athletic and activity functions.

In the end, as long as a service dog has a visible SERVICE DOG vest or SERVICE DOG tag stating that they are a service dog, they will be allowed at LPS athletic and activity functions. Per LPS legal, as a district, we are only allowed to ask for documentation regarding service dogs if the service dog does not have an identifiable vest/identifiable tag.

Finally, if the service dog is out of control, not house broken or is a direct threat (aggressive, attacking, barking, etc..) to the health and safety of others, the service dog will need to leave LPS property/LPS contracted property.

In addition to the policies attached above, service dogs may also perform the following…

  • Protection: Providing nonviolent protection or rescue work
  • Pulling: Pulling a wheelchair
  • Physical Support: Providing physical support and assistance with balance and stability to individuals with mobility issues.