2018-2019 Participation Packet

The Nebraska School Activities Association requires each student (Grades 9-12) who participates in any of the NSAA sanctioned Athletic or Activity program to annually have a Parent and Student Consent Record completed and on file. Those students intending to participate in Athletics must also have a Physical Examination completed after May 1 for the upcoming/current school year on file.  **A physical is not required for Speech, Debate and Play Production participants.

To complete this process electronically you must have a Google Account. If you do not have one, please click here to set up your free Google account. If you already have an account or once you have set one up then you will be able to work through the steps indicated below. If you plan to upload your students physical you must have it completed and ready to upload prior to completing step three as you will not be able to go back in and edit or upload.

If unable or unwilling to complete electronically, please download and print the participation packet in Step 2 below.  You can then complete the required forms and bring them to the Athletic/Activities Office at the school you will be attending and participating at.

A Participation Packet must be completed for each student who will be participating.

Picture of a person standing at a starting line

Step One
School Information

Your first step is to read through  information that is specific to your school. Grab the appropriate document below.

Step Two
Participation Packet

Step 2 is to download and read the participation packet. It contains our Code of Conduct, requirements and more.

Step Three
Parent Consent

Parents, if you’ve read through the school information and participation packet and are ready to give consent, choose your student’s school.

Step Four
Student Consent

Student-athlete, the last step is all yours. If you’ve read everything and your parents have consented, complete the process below.

(TIP: Parents you may need to log out of your browser so that the student can then login using their 6 digit LPS account.)