The core purpose of the Lincoln Public Schools Athletics and Activities Program is to offer students education-based opportunities to extend the learning experiences outside the classroom. These experiences aid in the overall growth of student-participants by promoting academic achievement, skill development, life skills and citizenship.

The athletics and activities programs create an environment that strives for excellence by encouraging student participation, supporting academic progress and promoting physical, social, emotional, and character development while creating a sense of community.

Academic Achievement

Athletics and activities complement and support academic achievement with the goal of 100% graduation rate for all student-participants. Coaches are teachers who create a positive learning environment, build relationships, motivate and inspire.

Skill Development

Athletics and activities develop social, intellectual, emotional and physical skills. Working through the learning process, experiencing and growing through failures are all part of the pursuit of reaching maximum potential as both individuals and as a team.

Life Skills

Student-participants learn teamwork, collaboration, commitment, loyalty and leadership; all life skills that will have an impact outside of and beyond their athletic and activity experiences.


Positive social behaviors and servant leadership are embedded within the athletic and activity experiences; modeling integrity, fairness, respect and sportsmanship as student-participants compete with character.