LPS Athletics COVID Attendance Protocols


All Attending should self-screen before attending. If not feeling well, please do no attend.

Face Coverings

Face coverings will be required for all spectators at both indoor and outdoor activities.

Physical Distancing

Families may sit together, but should maintain a minimum of a 6ft distance from other spectators.

Ticket Gate

  • Athletes, cheerleaders, dance team, marching band along with coaches and sponsors will complete a Google Form listing their immediate family.
  • Immediate family is defined as “all members living in the household” and also includes grandparents.
  • These lists will be used to check in all spectators at the gate who will be allowed to purchase a ticket.
  • The allotted number of attendees from each family will be 4 per event, exceptions to that will be 2 per event at LNS, LSW high school football fields.


Home Side (West)
The south gate will be the check in for cheer, dance and marching band and their parents, the north gate will be the check in for player parents.

Visitor Side (East)
The south gate will be the check in for player parents and the visiting cheerleadaers and their parents.


Northwest Gate

East Gate

Double-Header Events

The stadium will be cleared and everyone will be asked to exit immediately to eliminate potential crowd crossover between groups.


  • Once checked in, if the immediate family member has a staff pass, HAC pass, Gold Card, student ICON or punch card, or Book ticket; it will be accepted at the gate.
  • VIP passes will not be honored.
  • NSAA Media Credentials will be honored.

College Coaches

At this time only immediate family members are allowed to attend.