Fall 2020 Athletic Broadcasts

KLKN-TV partners with LPS to stream varsity games this fall

Lincoln Public Schools is excited to announce a partnership with local ABC affiliate KLKN-TV to stream 29 varsity athletic competitions this fall. The lineup includes varsity football games played at Seacrest Field and six varsity volleyball matches around Lincoln. The games can be found on the station’s website: klkntv.com

“This is an excellent opportunity for students, staff, families and our community to view these competitions and celebrate our student-athletes,” said Kathi Wieskamp, LPS director of athletics. “We are thankful for the partnership with KLKN-TV to engage our community while helping to keep everyone safe with the protocols we have in place.”

“High school football and volleyball are huge pillars in our community each fall,” added Kern Dant, KLKN general manager. “We found it imperative to do everything we can to ensure that friends and family can watch during these trying times. We are your trusted news and sports source and if it matters to you it matters to us.”

LPS also is looking into other streaming possibilities for additional varsity competitions.

High School Athletics on YouTube

Many contests not streamed by Channel 8 via klkntv.com may be viewable on individual high school YouTube channels.

Lincoln Public Schools owns the rights to all images, video, and broadcasting and recordings of athletic events at our facilities. Other than recordings of images, video and/or sound from this event for personal use, permission for any organization recording, broadcasting or distributing audio, video or still images of this event must be obtained from Lincoln Public Schools in writing. If you are interested in obtaining rights, please contact the LPS Athletic Office.

The planned streaming schedule for KLKN-TV is as follows:



  • 28th at 7:00
    Lincoln High vs Lincoln North Star


  • 3rd at 7:00
    Papillion-La Vista South vs. Lincoln East
  • 4th at 4:30
    Lincoln North Star vs. Lincoln Northeast
  • 4th at 8:15
    Lincoln Southeast vs. Lincoln Southwest
  • 10th at 7:00
    Grand Island vs. Lincoln Southeast
  • 11th at 4:30
    Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln Southwest
  • 11th at 8:15
    Norfolk vs. Lincoln East
  • 17th at 7:00
    Columbus vs. Lincoln Northeast
  • 18th at 4:30
    North Platte vs. Lincoln North Star
  • 18th at 8:15
    Creighton Prep vs. Lincoln Southeast
  • 25th at 4:30
    North Platte vs. Lincoln Northeast
  • 25th at 8:15
    Papillion La Vista vs. Lincoln Southwest


  • 1st at 7:00
    Norfolk vs. Lincoln Southwest
  • 2nd at 4:30
    Lincoln Northeast vs. Lincoln High
  • 2nd at 8:15
    Papillion-La Vista vs. Lincoln Southeast
  • 9th at 4:30
    North Platte vs. Lincoln East
  • 9th at 8:15
    Papillion La Vista vs. Lincoln Southwest
  • 15th at 7:00
    Gretna vs. Lincoln Southeast
  • 16th at 4:30
    Lincoln High vs. Lincoln Southwest
  • 16th at 8:15
    Lincoln East vs. Lincoln Northeast
  • 23rd at 4:30
    Lincoln Southwest vs. Lincoln North Star
  • 23rd at 8:15
    Creighton Prep vs. Lincoln East



  • 15th at 6:30
    Fremont vs Lincoln High
  • 22nd at 6:30
    Norfolk vs Lincoln Northeast
  • 29th at 6:30
    Lincoln North Star vs Lincoln Southwest


  • 6th at 6:30
    Grand Island vs Lincoln North Star
  • 12th at 6:30
    Lincoln Southwest vs Lincoln East
  • 13th at 6:30
    Lincoln North Star vs Lincoln Southeast