The mission of the Student Services Department is to provide services to students in a manner that recognizes both the rights and responsibilities of students and that values each student and encourages appropriate student development.

Student services include the following:

  • Facilitation of problem-solving and communication between families and school staff
  • Leadership and coordination of student services personnel throughout the school district
  • Student records
  • Student accounting and attendance
  • Student discipline, including all matters of exclusion, suspension, expulsion and mandatory reassignment of students
  • Student services reporting to agencies of county, state and federal government
  • Liaison with community agencies in dealing with student health and welfare
  • Enforcement of laws dealing with student attendance and delinquency
  • Student transfers
  • Counseling and social worker services
  • Concussion Management Team
  • Crisis response
  • Student admissions
  • Safety and security

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Ryan Zabawa
Director of Student Services

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