Safe and Drug-Free Schools

Safe and Drug-Free Schools

Lincoln Public Schools implements regulations and practices which ensure compliance with the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. The District’s safe and drug-free schools program is established in accordance with principles of effectiveness as required by law to respond to such harmful effects.

Lincoln Public Schools promotes comprehensive, age appropriate, developmentally based drug and alcohol education and prevention programs, which will include in the curriculum the teaching of both proper and incorrect use of drugs and alcohol for all students in all grades. The District offers in-service orientation and training for all employed staff.

Each student is held to a standard of conduct for student behavior in the District which prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on school premises or as a part of any of the school’s activities.

Violation of any of the above prohibited acts will result in disciplinary sanction being taken within the bounds of applicable law, up to and including short term suspension, long term suspension, expulsion, and referral to appropriate authorities for criminal prosecution.

Through the instruction referred to earlier, as well as by information and consistent enforcement of the Board’s policy pertaining to student conduct as it relates to the use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol, students learn drug and alcohol abuse is wrong and is harmful both to the student and the District, and its educational programs.

All students will be provided information concerning available drug and alcohol counseling, rehabilitation, and re-entry programs within sixty miles of the administrative offices of the District or, where no such services are found, within the State of Nebraska. Information concerning such resources shall be presented to all of the students of the District upon request of the building school counselor, social worker, S.C.I.P. team leader or Ryan Zabawa, Director of Student Services, 436-1651.

Lincoln Public Schools does not have the authority or responsibility to make medical or health determinations regarding chemical dependency. However, when observed behavior indicates that a problem exists which may affect the student’s ability to learn or function in the educational climate or activity, the school then has the right and responsibility to confer with the parent/guardian on a referral of the student for a formal chemical dependency diagnosis based on behavior observed by school staff. The school will issue a statement to all students that the use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol is wrong and harmful. The school shall make available to students information about any drug and alcohol counseling, and rehabilitation and re-entry programs, which are available to students.

The administration is authorized to adopt administrative rules, regulations or practices necessary to properly implement this policy. The regulations, rules or practices may vary the procedures set forth to the extent necessary to fit the circumstances of an individual situation. Rules, regulations and practices may include administrative forms, such as checklists to be used by staff to record observed behavior and to determine the proper plan of action.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Parental Notice

NOTICE TO PARENTS: Pursuant to the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, if upon receipt of information regarding the content of safe and drug-free school programs and activities other than classroom instruction a parent objects to the participation of their child in such programs and activities, the parent may notify the School District of such objection in writing. Upon the receipt of such notice the student will be withdrawn from the program or activity to which parental objection has been made.

Safety in Schools

Lincoln Public Schools makes every effort to provide safe, secure and welcoming facilities for its students, staff and the community.

To insure safe and secure environments:

Emergency incident plans are developed in every building or other facility owned or under the control of the district using a district-approved format. The individualized plans allow for alterations to meet each facility’s needs.

Every facility emergency incident plan is submitted to and approved by the Department of Student Services prior to the start of each school year.

Building principals organize and execute a practice of the emergency incident plan at least twice each school year. The designated individual in other facilities shall, to the extent feasible, organize and execute a practice at least once each school year.

A district safety committee composed of school and district staff, parents and community provides advisory assistance to the district on safety issues and plans.

An annual review by an outside source is done to analyze plans, policies, procedures and practices.

Training and educational programs for staff, students, parents and volunteers include identification of safety issues and skill development to avoid or prevent unsafe activities.

If you have questions about your child’s school safety plan, please talk with the school principal.


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