Crisis Team

Utilizing the Crisis Response Team

The Crisis Response Team is a supportive service which can help schools assess, plan and intervene in crises affecting staff and students. A preplanned, organized approach has been shown to be effective in reducing the emotional and social impact of a crisis. The three Lincoln Public Schools Crisis Response Teams have had specialized training to assist building administrators in directing crisis resolution activities and are available to schools 24 hours a day year round.

Crisis Response Team Services

  • Meet with building administrators and key staff to formulate an action plan.
  • Facilitate staff meeting to provide information related to the crisis.
  • Support school staff.
  • Help teachers process information with students.
  • Work with students individually or in groups.
  • Be available for contact with parents.
  • Provide helpful, factual information to parents.
  • Assist in handling media coverage.


Ryan Zabawa
Director, Student Services | 402-436-1651

P.O. Box 82889
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