Professional Learning Guide for 2021–2022

The LPS Professional Learning Guide is released each year by May 1st in order to give staff a chance to plan their professional learning for the upcoming school year. All courses will be available for registration no later than May 1st. With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, LPS will continue to follow all health guidelines to keep our staff safe. Although most courses will be offered in-person, changing conditions may require some of the sessions listed in the Professional Learning Guide to be delivered remotely or in a different format. Any cancellations and/or changes to your sessions will be communicated by the session leader. It is important that you register on the LPS online catalog (Performance Matters) so that you can get updates from the session leaders if changes to dates or session format are necessary. If you have any questions about your requirements, please get in touch with the contact person listed on the professional learning guide for your department.

Exciting Opportunities for Teachers in 2021–22

Due to additional funds provided for COVID-19 relief for school, LPS has some exciting new opportunities for teachers to receive compensation for additional professional learning and planning hours in 21-22. You can find details and eligibility listed in the guide.

Track Your Hours

Staff may also want to keep track of their completed hours by using one of these optional Professional Learning tracking tools!