Frequently Asked Questions

Your official transcript can now be found on your Performance Matters personal account.

To unregister for a class, you will go to your Performance Matters page and under My Courses, you will find a “withdraw” button.

An email will automatically be generated if enough people un-register for the class and you are moved off the waiting list.

Courses are available for Salary Advancement.  There will be a cost associated and noted within the course description.  District professional learning  courses are very plainly labeled (District Professional Learning-19/1.75). 

A part-time certificated person is required to complete 3.5 hours of district professional learning time as per the negotiated agreement.

For example, a session listed as:  (District Professional Learning-19/1.75 ) Title of the district professional learning Workshop – The word “District Professional Learning”  states that this workshop is offered as district professional learning credit. The “19” means this workshop counts as district flex for the 2018-19 school year. – The “1.75” reflects the number of hours the district counts toward your district professional learning .

No, you may not trade your district professional learning hours between district and building if you have more in one area than in another.  These hours have been designated specifically by your principal and district administrators to meet different areas of need.

No, courses may not count as district professional learning .

You will be docked in pay for the number of hours you are short. For example, if you completed 1.5 of the 3.5 required hours, you will be docked 2 hours.

Curriculum specialists, directors, and program administrators determined these  Requirements.  If a session is required the teacher will be expected to attend those sessions.  There may be some choices within the requirement.  There will be many options in content areas but none may be required and teachers may choose to attend any of them as well as general district sessions.  If a teacher does not attend the required sessions and chooses to attend other sessions, they will not be compensated for their time.

The sessions are determined by curriculum specialists, directors, and program administrators in order to keep teachers updated on curriculum implementations, instructional strategies, and other issues in their content areas.  There are many other opportunities for professional development but they do not all count for district professional learning.