Paraprofessional Learning

Planned professional learning activities will be jointly developed by the Association, the Professional Learning Office, and the Human Resources Office. Paraeducators who attend these approved workshops will be paid for their attendance, if beyond regular duty hours.

Paraeducators will be eligible to attend, on a space available basis, courses found in the staff development catalog. Workshops and other inservice training programs for certificated staff will also be available to paraeducators subject to space restrictions. Other staff development opportunities exclusively for paraeducators may be scheduled during the school year. District will pay individual’s hourly wage up to fifteen hours annually for non-duty time spent in workshops, if the staff development does not interfere with planned development activities of the supervisor.

$100 stipend will be paid to each paraeducator who has completed the four specified professional learning courses identified as Level 1 Core Competencies. The stipend will be paid as part of the paycheck following completion.

The core competencies are entitled:

  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Paraeducators (#010300)
  2. Organization and Management of the Classroom (#010200)
  3. Ethical Issues for Paraeducators  (#010000)
  4. Effective  Communication with Students,Parents, and Other Professionals (#010100).

The stipend will be paid only to those paraeducators who have not previously received the stipend from the completion of the four courses listed above. The $100 stipend for the voluntary completion of the core competencies is the total compensation for all time necessary for the completion of the competencies. 

More information can be found here.