Planning Region Team 18

In Nebraska, Early Childhood Planning Region Teams function as local inter-agency coordinating councils.  There are 28 Planning Regions in the state. Each one covers a specific geographic area, ranging from one school district to several counties.  Every area of the state is within the boundaries of a Planning Region.

Planning Region Teams provide the community level mechanism for planning and assisting with the implementation of the Early Intervention Act. The purpose of the Act is to support healthy families who are able to make their own decisions to have access to services and resources as early as possible. Specifically, the responsibilities of the local PRT include:

The Lincoln Public Schools and the Early Development Network chair the meetings for Planning Region Team #18. For additional information about the meetings, please contact the Department of Early Childhood at 402-436-1941.  Each team is required by law to include representatives from:

If you are interested in attending a meeting please contact us at 402-436-1941.