Early Development Network

The Early Development Network (EDN) is a program designed to provide services for children age birth to three that have been verified with a type of delay in their development or a disability.  The program is provided at no cost to families.  Each family that is referred to our program is assigned a Services Coordinator that will assist the family through the assessment process, connect the family to professionals that can address the child’s developmental concerns and link the family with community resources that may be helpful to the child or family.

If you have concerns about a child’s development such as speech, gross motor (sitting, crawling, or walking), fine motor (skills with hands or feeding), hearing, vision, or other concerns of development and would like to make a referral, please contact our staff at 402-436-1920.  If you do not reside in the Lincoln Public Schools district, but still would like to have your child evaluated we would be happy to take your referral and direct it on to the correct agency or you can contact Nebraska Child Find at 1-888-806-6287.

More Information:


Cara Lucas-Richt

Director of Early Childhood


Our Leadership Team​

Alexandria Baruth
Early Intervention
Supervisor of Early Intervention Program
402-436-1675 | abaruth@lps.org

Maria Del Rosario
Early Childhood Coordinator — Student Parent Program / Early Intervention
402-436-1515 | mdel@lps.org

Tricia Phillips
Early Childhood – Preschool Program Supervisor
402-436-1996 | tphilli@lps.org

Lisa Richardson
Lead Services Coordinator
402-436-1484 | lrichar2@lps.org

Shelby Watson
Early Childhood Budget Coordinator
402-436-1876 | swatson2@lps.org