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CORE is Lincoln Public Schools’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system powered by Infor. CORE connects and organizes our essential functions across the district like human resources, payroll, time and attendance, ordering, accounting and many others, so that everyone is working with the same data and processes. CORE brings a modern interface and improved efficiencies to support our district.

General Information

To access CORE, please log into the Portal and click on CORE. 

Time and Attendance in WFM

  • WFM is short for Work Force Management and replaces TAS
  • For up to date policies and procedures regarding time and attendance please view the Accounting and Payroll website.



Spreadsheet Templates


  • Viewing Monthly Financial Reports
  • Xerox School Verification Reports are available via LPS CORE Custom Reports (available via the button at the top of this page).
    • This report serves as the replacement for the DocuShare xerox activity verification reports previously provided by Accounting. Cost information will be added to the report in September when we have fully transitioned to the new CORE System.

Human Resources (GHR)

Ask a Question

This is a large project, impacting every employee in Lincoln Public Schools, and we know there are lots of questions. If your question isn’t answered in the links above, please click the button below to ask your question. 

Acronyms and Terms

  • With all of the different pieces and parts of the CORE system, it can seem like people are speaking a different language.  Here is a list of the more frequently used acronyms and terms.

CORE Vision

A progressive solution that more efficiently supports the work of the school district and provides a foundation for new possibilities.

CORE Mission

The mission of CORE is to provide processes and systems that increase transparency, improve efficiency, and embrace modernization to support our exemplary school district.