LPS Budget Template Training

I have questions about:

  • Understanding my budget: Jessica Jefferson x1706
  • Deposits: Dana Long x1701
  • Unpaid purchase orders: Shana McTaggart Bailey x1704


There are outstanding resources available to all LPS employees who are seeking assistance with Google Sheets:

  1. Google Sheets has built-in help which can be found in the Help menu at the top of your screen.
  2. The LPS Helpdesk. If you have a specific question, you can create a ticket at http://help.lps.org, or call 436-1735.

Finding the Templates

You may use the individual files by clicking on the links below. You will be prompted to open a copy which will be placed in the ‘My Drive’ folder of Google Drive. You may move the template to another folder, if necessary, as well as share it with additional staff in your building or department.

Older versions of the Budget Templates are still available for download here.

Modifying the Templates

These templates are not “locked”, nor are they intended to be used exactly “as-is”.  You are welcome to modify them as you see fit.  Cells in this workbook that contain formulas are denoted in yellow and should not be modified.