Business Affairs Key Staff

Liz Standish – Associate Superintendent for Business Affairs: Responsible for school district finances and operations.  Responsible for the departments of Accounting, Audit, Budget, Computing Services, Facilities, Maintenance, Nutrition Services, Operations (Custodial and Transportation), Payroll, Purchasing, and Transportation. Telephone number: 402-436-1635; email address:

Phillip Skorupa – Director of Transportation: Oversees transporting students to and from school and school-sponsored events. Telephone number: 402-436-1073; email address:

April Douglas – Business Affairs Specialist: Coordinates operation of Business Affairs office and provides direct support to the Associate Superintendent for Business Affairs. Telephone number: 402-436-1636; email address:

Matt Bellamy – Director of Purchasing: Responsible for procurement and distribution of supplies, equipment, and services for the District. Telephone number: 402-436-1753; email address:

Jessica Jefferson — Director of Accounting and Payroll: Oversees the Accounting and Payroll Department.  Also responsible for the monthly financial analysis of all district funds and fiscal reporting to the Nebraska Department of Education.  Telephone number: 402-436-1706; email address:

Kim Schmidt – Director of Budget and Finance: Directs development of the District and ESU budgets.  Prepares budget materials, projection system, general fund and special education current staffing reports; allocates school and equipment funds and teacher allocation funds. Responsible for the fiscal management of the district, including fiscal analysis of property tax levies and valuations, bond indebtedness, and leases.  Telephone number: 402-436-1708; email address:

Scott Wieskamp – Director of Operations: Responsible for maintenance of all LPS buildings and grounds; coordinates and oversees the design and construction of all new facilities; supervises custodial staff working at all LPS locations. Telephone number: 402-436-1072; email address:

Andrew Ashelford – Director of Nutrition Services: Supervises school lunch program for LPS. Telephone number: 402-436-1742; email address: