Distribution Center

Important Documents

Distribution Center Manual (FAQ), Business Affairs (BA) 15 Delivery Schedule (See BA Bulletins Page)

Lincoln Public Schools Distribution Center: We work for “Generations”

Distribution Center Mission

Receive and deliver to schools the requested equipment, supplies, food, mail and services needed for the development of students becoming responsible adults. Solve problems associated with the receipt of merchandise and inventory commonly used items.

Core Values


More than anything, we’re in the business of building and helping people. We simply use training, education, and technology to accomplish this objective.


Our customers can expect responsiveness, efficiency and quality from the services we provide. Our attitude of service stimulates creativity and productivity.


We are consistent, honest, and respectful in our intentions, words, and actions. We foster an environment of free and honest expression throughout the organization.


We pursue both individual and organizational excellence. This is demonstrated by a disciplined approach to following our processes and methodology as well as a personal commitment to delivering work that is accurate, relevant, timely — the results of which are a source of pride. We measure ourselves by customer satisfaction.

Contact Us

You can reach us by phone at (402) 436-1008 or via email at distribution@lps.org


6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday

Our Location

We are located at 505 South Street.