• To support the educational programs and services of the district through collaboration, cooperation, creativity, business expertise and technology
  • To obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
  • To develop innovative procurement techniques that improve the purchasing function and enhance prompt payment to suppliers.
  • To grant all bidders equal consideration and respect.
  • To promote fair, ethical and legal trade practices.
  • To provide competitive opportunities to small businesses, disadvantaged businesses, woman-owned businesses and minority owned businesses

Purchasing Personnel

Purchasing consists of two related entities: the Purchasing Office and the Distribution Center.

  • The Purchasing Office, at 5901 O Street, has a staff of eight, including buyers and clerical personnel.
  • The Distribution Center, at 505 South Street, has a staff of 18. This staff:
    • Delivers mail
    • Receives merchandise and food, and distributes to district locations.
    • Solves problems associated with the receipt of merchandise and food
    • Keeps and distributes an inventory of commonly used items, including food, custodial chemicals and office supplies.

Lincoln Public Schools Catalogs

Lincoln Public Schools has established catalogs for its staff to use. These have been created:

  • To establish uniform specifications for products and curriculum areas.
  • To leverage pricing based on the district's total quantity of an item or group of items.
  • To handle large quantities of items bought on a regular basis by the schools and teachers.
  • Catalogs are updated in the fall. These are catalogs for Lincoln Public Schools staff only to use.

Important Purchasing Procedures For Schools To Know

One contact per school has been established (sometimes more than that in a high school), and all correspondence, requisitions and questions/problems from Purchasing, Accounting and the Distribution Center are coordinated through that person. This is the most efficient use of everyone's resources.

Successful purchasing of items for our school district requires:

  1. Creating clear specifications for items to be bought for the curriculum areas; and
  2. Checking in merchandise carefully and on a timely basis at schools.

For more information about Purchasing, call 402-436-1750, or e-mail us at bwigley@lps.org