Part-Time Enrollment at Lincoln Public Schools

LPS has many unique educational opportunities available for nonpublic school students

Nonpublic School Students Part-Time Enrollment Procedures

Application Procedures:

  1. Parent or guardian must submit an Application of Non-public School Student for Part-time Enrollment to the Director of Student Services.
  2. Director of Student Services will notify the parent of the approval or denial of the application within two weeks of receipt of the application.
  3. Part-time enrollment is determined annually. Application must be made each school year.

Students must meet the normal admission requirements and complete the normal enrollment process and forms required by the District and or building for enrollment of all children.

Students should enroll in the attendance center that serves the student’s residence area. Students enrolled on a part-time basis shall be required to follow all school policies that apply to other students.

What LPS Can Offer Your Student

Many nonpublic school students enroll part-time for courses or programs at Lincoln Public Schools for various reasons. Here are some potential scenarios that could lead to the part-time enrollment of nonpublic school students:

  • It can grow more challenging to help a home-schooled child with certain classes (e.g. math, science, world languages, etc.). That student—no matter what grade—can enroll in these types of courses with LPS.

  • Often a student who is home-schooled would still like to participate in extracurricular NSAA* activities offered through Lincoln Public Schools, such as team sports or speech. Non-NSAA activities also are available, such as band, debate or a club sport. They can do this by meeting a few simple requirements.

    *Visit for a full list of NSAA sanctioned sports.

  • Sometimes students are interested in a course or program that only Lincoln Public Schools can offer them—for example, Chinese, certain technology courses or The Career Academy. These students can enroll in these courses through LPS.

Available Courses and Curriculum

Browse the array of courses offered in our middle and high schools. For elementary curriculum, contact your neighborhood elementary school or the LPS Curriculum Department at (402) 436-1808 for any questions related to any LPS curriculum offerings.