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ED Programming Resources

Key Components of an ED Roompieces to success

  1. Building Positive Relationships
  2. Teaching Routines and Procedures
  3. Utilizing Visual Supports
  4. Systematic Reinforcement
  5. Data Collection
  6. Teaching Replacement Behaviors
  7. Organization of Materials and Student Workload
  8. Communication and Staff Support

Essential Pieces of a Resource Room

ED Room Key Look Fors

ED Programming Action Plan (used in August 2015 professional development)

ED Programming for Administrators (ppt)

For additional information about ED Programming, please talk with your school psychologist or PBIS coach!

2016-2017 ED Trainings

August Training

Follow Up #1

Follow Up #2


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Why PBIS: Evidence for School-Wide PBIS

Why PBIS:  Evidence for School-Wide PBIS