Effective Procedures for Dealing with Problem Behavior


  • Discipline process described in narrative format or depicted in graphic form. (see Flowchart examples)
  • Discipline process includes documentation.
  • Discipline referral form includes information useful in decision making
  • Problem behaviors are defined
  • Major/minor (office vs classroom managed) behaviors are clearly differentiated.
  • Suggested array of appropriate responses to major problem behaviors


  • Creates consistency across staff in dealing with problem behavior
  • Students know expectations and how their behavior will be handled no matter where they are
  • Data becomes more accurate as all staff define behavior in the same way


Praise Other Students

Attend, “Ignore” and Effective PraiseReteachEngagement Strategies:  Increase Opportunities to Respond
Private Redirect/ ConferenceProximityProvide Choice

Non-Verbal Cue

School Examples:  Behavioral Flow Charts

Humann Behavior Referral Flow ChartScreen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.18.54 AM

Elementary Office Referral Definition: Office Referral Definition for Elementary Schools