Acknowledgement System


Responding to student behavior (verbal or gesture) in a way that provides attention for positive/desired behavior or problem/non-desired behavior.


  • Reinforce the teaching of new behaviors
  • Behavior is likely to become a habit and recur in the future only if demonstrating it has been beneficial
  • Harness the influence of kids who are showing expected behaviors to encourage the kids who are not
  • Strengthen positive behaviors that can compete with problem behavior
  • Improve school climate
  • Create positive interactions and rapport with students

School Examples

Sheridan Elementary

Individual students and classrooms earn Sheridan Shark tickets for displaying safe, respectful and responsible behaviors in the classroom and non-classroom environments.  Once a classroom earns a certain number of sharks they celebrate with a Shark Party.  Examples of shark parties include bringing a stuffed animal to school, wearing pjs, etc.  Staff also receive a special acknowledgement ticket.

Sheridan Student Card
Sheridan Student Card

Lefler Middle School

Students receive Pawsitives for demonstrating behaviors that are responsible, respectful and accepting.  They have a behavior focus every month and teachers are encouraged to watch for that specific behavior and acknowledge it when they see it.  These tickets go into a weekly drawing for prizes such as high school t-shirts and coupons and gift certificates to local businesses.

East High School

When students demonstrate the school-wide expectations they are acknowledged with a “You’ve Been Caught in the Act” card.  Students turn their cards into a PBIS bowl located in the Media Center, Athletic Office, Main Office and Counseling Center.  A drawing takes place every Thursday during 4th period announcements for various prizes from the school and local businesses.  Staff who acknowledge students are also recognized during this time.