Family/Community Involvement


  • Educating parents/community on what MTSS-B is and why we are using it
  • Keeping parents/community informed about MTSS-B efforts within their child’s school
  • Helping parents/community members apply MTSS-B in their environments


  • When families are involved, students exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior
  • When students report feeling support from both home and school, they have more self confidence, feel school is more important, and they tend to do better in school
  • Student at-risk behaviors such as alcohol use, violence, and other anti-social behaviors decrease as parent involvement increases

What is MTSS-B? Overview for Parents

Sharing Information with Families: Newsletters, Brochures or Websites

School Website Example:  MTSS-B at Lincoln Southwest High School

LPS MTSS-B Brochures:  Brochures

Parental Involvement Chart

MTSS-B Applications at Home

  • Define and Teach Expectations:  Create a MTSS-B home matrix

Connecting MTSS-B Strategies at Home

Handout for Families

  • Active Supervision
  • Utilizing Pre-Correction
  • Active Engagement
  • Acknowledging Expected Behavior

Guide to Family Engagement

Home Chart
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