LPS Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

School-wide PBiS is a system of supports that include proactive strategies, for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.

Image describing the LPS Student Supports structure

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Research supports that the PBIS framework, implemented with fidelity, provides a school-wide, systematic, tiered approach that leads to increased student achievement and reduced classroom disruptions and student suspensions.

More importantly, PBIS is not a curriculum, program, intervention or practice but is a decision-making framework that guides selection and implementation of research based practices and interventions for improving student outcomes for all students.

Tier 1 Supports:

  • Tier 1 includes all the supports offered to all students to help students meet behavior expectations.

Tier 2 Supports:

  • Tier 2 is designed to provide targeted group interventions to support students who are needing additional supports.

Tier 3 Supports:

  • Tier 3 is designed to provide individualized interventions.  For each intervention, either FBA/BIP or WRAP/RENEW, an individualized team specific to the student and the student’s needs is developed.
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports - The PBiS Process at Lincoln Public Schools
Implemented in LPS in 2013, district wide in 2014-2015
PBiS provides continuum of support for all students
PBiS is used extensively across the United States
The federal government gives PBiS a Thumbs Up
Why? PBiS results in a decrease in problem behavior, an increase in instructional time, an increase in student achievement and improvement in climate and culture in the school building
Success with PBiS has been documented in research since the late 1970's
Key Components of PBiS
Consistent School-Wide Behavioral Expectations
School-wide expectations are taught and re-taught
Students recognized for meeting behavior expectations
Effective Procedures for managing problem behavior
Data driven
Community and family involvement


Scott Eckman
PBiS/Vision Supervisor
402-436-1918 | seckman1@lps.org

Quarter 1 PBIS Challenge for Buildings

We are challenging all schools to create a video that captures their school climate and shows the district and the world what they are all about as a community. If you decide to accept this challenge, here are the guidelines:

  • Video should be less than three minutes long
  • Video must capture the positive aspects of your school climate and community
  • Deadline for submissions is Oct. 1, 2018
  • Share your video on social media using #safeandhappy #beintentional #pbislps

Here are some examples to get you started:

Watch for videos to be shared on LPS.org