Functional Behavioral Assessment

Who needs an FBA?

  • Youth are referred to the standing problem solving team by the Secondary Systems Team typically when lower-level, Simple Secondary interventions (at least 2) do not result in adequate progress.
  • Any student not responding adequately to CICO, S/AIG and/or Mentoring etc. (at least 2 foundational secondary)
  • Request for Assistance made: (or reverse request after 2)
  • Data identifies student as in need (# of ODRs, suspensions, absences, etc..).

Exception to the system: Adult perceives youth as in urgent need (lower-level support not seen as adequate)

Brief vs. Complex FBA/BIP

How to conduct an FBA?

Once a student shows that they will not respond to other Tier 2 interventions, a student may be referred to the problem solving team. This team will then look at data to determine what the function of a student’s behavior is.  This information may then be used to identify missing skills and to develop a plan of action.

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