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Lincoln Public Schools: In One Word

Continuing with our one word that describes Lincoln Public Schools — in January our community said that LPS is… Inspiring.

A passion ignited, an idea sparked, a dream realized, a challenge overcome, a goal accomplished… all of these are possible thanks to encouraging Lincoln Public Schools teachers and students who persevere. You will experience these things every day within our schools because LPS is… Inspiring.

This is the time of year when eighth grade students start planning their path into high school, young scholars theorize their science fair projects, avid spellers prepare for competition, artists create their masterpieces for exhibit and winter student-athletes show their grit and determination as they wrap up their season. It’s also a time when students past and present think of ways to honor teachers who encouraged them to be their best.

These are just some of the reasons that in February, our stories will reflect why LPS is… Inspiring.

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LPS is Inspiring
  • North Star Life Skills students create Nebraska masterpiece

    Life Skills students at Lincoln North Star High School recently painted an eye-catching collage of the state of Nebraska, with each student completing four or five counties by using alternative methods of painting and materials.

  • Retired teacher nears goal of subbing at every school

    Less than a year after retiring as an LPS teacher, Susan Hertzler realized how much she missed the classroom and threw herself in to substitute teaching. Since then, she has taught at 55 of the 65 LPS schools and focus programs, with three new schools on her schedule during the coming weeks. Her goal is to teach at all 65.

  • Schoo student group spreads message of acceptance

    Members of a student club at Schoo Middle School are celebrating Black History Month by spreading its message of awareness and acceptance of diversity.

  • Park Middle School students crunch data, predict the future for LPS schools

    With all the discussion about enrollment growth in Lincoln Public Schools and planning for future facility needs, an eighth-grade algebra class from Park Middle School has its own prediction: Plan for a new middle school in the year 2100. That was one of many findings and predictions made by the students in teacher Jordan Neukirch?s fifth-period differentiated algebra class as part of a three-day project in which they analyzed enrollment data for LPS middle schools.

  • Event honors contributions of African-American authors

    Lincoln Public Schools hosted an African-American Read-In event on Thursday, featuring LPS staff, students and community members reading and performing excerpts from African-American literature and sharing stories about the authors and their work.

  • A special lesson at Riley - thanks to some special goats

    First-grade students in Lincoln Public Schools learn about animals and the life cycle as part of their science curriculum. Last week?s lesson for first-grade students at Riley Elementary School went above and beyond those expectations.

  • CLC staff test drive new mobile makerspace labs

    Saratoga Elementary School hosted Community Learning Center (CLC) staff on Saturday for a hands-on training session on the new Think, Make, Create mobile makerspace labs.

  • Arts and Humanities students explore hip hop culture

    Students in the Lincoln Public Schools Arts and Humanities Focus Program are collaborating with the Lied Center for the Performing Arts on a series of workshops that explore hip hop, perhaps known best as a music genre but actually a larger cultural movement that includes dance, fashion and other forms of artistic expression.

  • Irving students learn hands-on science lesson from school resource officer

    Sarah Gergen?s eighth-grade science students at Irving Middle School are learning about measuring the motion of objections - speed, velocity, acceleration - as well as electromagnetic energy and the electromagnetic spectrum. On a recent afternoon, they witnessed a real-world application of those lessons, thanks to a surprise visitor to their classroom.

  • 'We the Children Will March': 2019 MLK Youth Rally and March

    The 24th annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Rally and March took place Monday, Jan. 21 with record crowds despite the frigid temperatures. The annual event was organized by a diverse group of area youth and held in conjunction with the national recognition of the birthday of King. All components were intended to celebrate his legacy and the mission of the event's planning committee.

  • VOICE program helps students transition to work, life