LPS Is...

Lincoln Public Schools: In One Word

What does Lincoln Public Schools mean to our community?

One word—use just one word.

This past summer we posed that question—to our community, our families, our staff and our students—asking folks to describe LPS in one, single word.

Lincoln Public Schools is ________ .

We had hundreds and hundreds of responses—words that praised our school district with a breadth and depth of incredibly strong and powerful expressions of faith in Lincoln’s public schools. Words that inspired.  Words that empowered. Words that underlined the extraordinary teaching and learning taking place at LPS during every hour, every day, every year. Words that captured the ordinary, yet extraordinary activities and bold actions of our educators. Words that highlighted why public schools are essential to developing the future generations of our community and country.

We gathered all of your amazing responses, chose the top nine responses, and will make them our nine LPS themes for each month throughout the 2018-19 school year.

We will unveil them each month, one at a time.

So to launch our initiative at the beginning of this school year, we chose a word that captures the very essence of public schools in Lincoln.

For September, Lincoln Public Schools is—HOPE.

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LPS is Hope