LPS Is...

Lincoln Public Schools: In One Word

Continuing with our one word that describes Lincoln Public Schools — in November our community said that LPS is… Inclusive.

When any of our employees are describing and embodying their mission a phrase that is used almost immediately is

“All means all.”

Lincoln Public Schools wraps their arms around every child and embraces their uniqueness. This includes the 2,975 English Language Learners in our classrooms trying to learn a second language in addition to their regular school work, the 5,106 gifted students continuously being challenged by their rigorous coursework, the 18,369 students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, the 7,431 students receiving quality individualized special education services to support them in the classroom, the 1,716 preschool students getting a jump start on their educational path, the 2,564 seniors who walked across the stage to receive their diploma last spring, and each of the 42,035 children who enter our classroom doors.

In November, our stories will reflect why LPS is … Inclusive.

This past summer we posed a question to our community, our families, our staff and our students – describe Lincoln Public Schools in one, single word. Each month we will reveal a new word that describes LPS.

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