LPS Is...

Lincoln Public Schools: In One Word

What does Lincoln Public Schools mean to our community?

One word—use just one word.

One word that easily comes to mind when thinking about Lincoln Public Schools is GROWING!

LPS has seen a staggering 10 percent increase in our enrollment over the last five years. Not only are our student numbers swelling across the district at a record pace, but our students and staff are thriving with the love and support of an amazing community standing with us every step of the way.

LPS is dedicated to educating the whole child — nurturing them to become safe, respectful and responsible world citizens. The growth of each student’s accomplishments from year to year continues to astound us.

We also recognize our staff members and their willingness to continue to grow through local, state and national professional development and achievements — they are some of the top leaders in their fields. By investing in the best and the brightest educators we are providing our students with high quality opportunities and premium experiences.

In October, LPS is … Growing!

This past summer we posed a question to our community, our families, our staff and our students — describe Lincoln Public Schools in one, single word. Each month we will reveal a new word that describes LPS.

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