STUDENTS: Take Your LPS Google Drive Data With You

Mass export of Google data is available to LPS 12th graders as they graduate in December & May of each year. It is NOT available to LPS staff, per district policy.

1) Begin the Process

  1. In the LPS Portal, click to open Google Drive (
  2. Click your profile in the top right of the screen and select “Manage your Google Account” from the pop-up window.

2) Choose your export type 

  • If you have a personal (non-LPS) Google/Gmail account, choose the transfer route. This is the easiest path. Instructions can be found below. You may choose to create a new Google account, then return to use this option.
  • If you do not have a Google account and do not choose to create one, continue to the download option described below.

balloons indicating Google Data Transfer

OPTION 1: Transfer

From the “Manage your Google Account” screen (found using the instructions above)

  1. Find the “Transfer Your Content” box and click on “Start Transfer.”
  2. Enter your non-LPS Google account address
  3. Google will send a code to your non-LPS Google account to verify that it is yours. Visit that account on a personal device and find the code that Google sent you.
  4. Return to your LPS Chromebook and enter the code you just found.
  5. You may select to transfer your LPS Google Drive contents, and/or your LPS Gmail messages. 

Transfers can take a few days, so be patient and wait for notifications from Google that the data has been transferred to your personal account.

Note: Your original documents in LPS Google Drive are unaffected. You are sending a COPY of them to your personal account. The originals remain in place. However, you will lose access to them as the school year ends.

OPTION 2: Download

From the “Manage your Google Account” screen (found using the instructions above)
  1. Find the “Privacy & personalization” box and click “Manage your data & personalization”
  2. Scroll down on that page until you find “Download or delete your data.” Click on “Download your data”
  3. By default, all of your LPS Google Data is selected. Scroll down and click “Next step”.
    (You may choose to deselect specific data types if you wish.)
  4. By default, the delivery method selected is “Export once,” which is correct. Click the “Create Export” button.
  5. Be patient. This export/download process can take hours or days to complete. You’ll receive an email when your export is done.
    . . . 
  6. When the email arrives, click “Manage Archives” to be taken to a screen where you can download the archive file(s) created.
  7. Click “Download” to download the desired archive files.
  8. Move the archived file(s) to a USB drive, personal Google account or other media to preserve past when your LPS account will be disabled.

Helpful Notes

  • When you download files directly from Google Drive, the original documents in Google Drive are unaffected. You are downloading a COPY of that file(s) to your computer. The originals remain in place.
  • The archive(s) you download are zipped files. Now that you have them on your computer, a double click on the zipped file will expand it into a folder that contains the expected Google Drive files. Zipped files are convenient for archive. Save these files to a thumb drive or other cloud storage location of your own devising.