Changing Group Codes for IDM Accounting

Why change/edit the billing code?

Every local print, local copy and job submitted to the District Print Center is “billed” to a group and a specific user ID.  When staff members change buildings or need to change the group or location  that is being billed for printing, there are (up to) three places where that must be done per user.

Building Department/Group codes can be found here:  Department/Group Accounting Codes (Secondary, Elementary, District)

A) Group Code added or changed on the building MFD(s):

Each user and the groups that they could charge to are listed on each MFD in the building.  Each user has a default group code configured for them.  If ‘User Pathways’ is selected when using the MFD to copy, the default code is used.  If a user needs to be added to an MFD, or if a default group code must be changed on an MFD, a Helpdesk ticket must be entered selecting Printer/Printing as the Item.  The ticket should include the user name, Employee ID and default group code in the ticket description.  You must wait for indication that the change has been made on the MFD before proceding with parts B and C.


B) User group code changes for printing to the MFD(s):

Each computer workstation used by staff has XNA (Xerox Network Accounting) information stored on it.  Each staff member must modify the group code to reflect the group that charges should default to.

See Setting up Accounting XNA documentation here: Mac Users or Windows Users


C) Modifying the Web CRD Profile:

Each user has a Web CRD Profile they created for submitting work to the District Print Center.  This profile must be edited to reflect the new group code.

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Profile at the top of the page.
  3. Click the first View/Modify button.
  4. Edit the billing code in the bottom right corner of the window as appropriate.  The billing code is building_code-group_code-employee_ID so if you are changing the group code, only edit the middle (group code) part of the billing code.  If you are changing the building code, then only change the building code part.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the window.
  6. Click Log out at the top

A more detailed handout on setting up a WebCRD profile can be found here.