The DIBELS 8 tests are norm-referenced reading achievement tests used in LPS. Students in grades K-2 and some students participating in reading interventions in grades 3-5 take the DIBELS assessments in fall, winter, and spring. Oral Fluency and Maze are also given in grades 3-6 as part of the ELA curriculum assessments for screening and grading purposes. The assessments are administered via paper/pencil and the benchmark scores (grades K-2) are entered into the DIBELS Data System (DDS). The DDS will calculate composite scores and produce reports by student, class, and school.

LPS uses DIBELS 8 for the following purposes:

  • Nebraska Reading Improvement Act Individual Reading Intervention Plans (IRIPs)
  • Instructional decisions
  • Information for parents and students
  • Program/Curriculum evaluation
  • Report card grades
  • Progress monitoring for students with disabilities and students in the MTSS-A process receiving Tier 2 interventions.