English/Language Arts

Grades K-6

In Kindergarten and first grade, students are given quarterly assessments over content taught in the quarter and the development of the Foundational Skills (letter names and letter sound identification, phonics, phonemic awareness, high frequency word dictation, grammar, concepts of print, fluency, and oral reading).

In grades 2-6 students take a District Common Assessment (DCA) that is Criterion-Referenced at the end of each unit of instruction that measures if students are able to apply the skills learned during the unit. Some weeks students may take a short weekly assessment over the skills taught during that week. Weekly assessments are only required two or three times each unit depending on the grade level. The unit and weekly assessments also help prepare students for the types of questions they may see on the state reading assessment and provide teachers and students with information throughout the year about whether students are on track to meet the state requirements.

Grades 7-12

Students take District Common Assessments (DCAs) throughout English and Communications courses in grades 7-10. These assessments (e.g., Elements of Fiction and Nonfiction, Oral Presentations, written essays) provide students, teachers, and parents with information about proficiency regarding reading, writing, and oral communications skills.