Homebound Services Program

Purpose of the Homebound Services Program

The Homebound Services Program is for those students who, by medical need or necessity, are not able to attend school in person.

Determine Medical Need for Extended Absence:

If one of your students will be required, by a doctor, to remain at home or in the hospital for more than two consecutive weeks of school, the parent and team members may consider a referral for Homebound Services. If you have questions, contact the Special Education Coordinator at your student’s school.

A signed letter from a doctor or other licensed medical service provider will need to be submitted at time of referral. This letter must include:

  • the student’s medical condition;
  • the directions and/or restrictions to apply during educational services;
  • the need for the student to remain at home or in the hospital;
  • the anticipated date the student will return to school; and must be signed by an MD, PA, or APRN/NP.

Other important information

  • Homebound Services follow the LPS calendar.
  • An adult must be home with the student; however, the adult does not need to sit in on the lesson.
  • A clear, accessible workplace is to be provided in the home.