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Special Education at LPS

Welcome to the Lincoln Public Schools Special Education Department website. My name is Dr. Jenny Fundus, and I am very proud to be part of a school district, which has a strong mission to providing quality education to all students.

Lincoln Public Schools provides a broad variety of Special Education Services to more than 7,000 LPS students from kindergarten to age 21 at all of our 64 programs/buildings, as well as to students in our community’s private schools. Mrs. Cara Lucas-Richt, 402-436-1481, is the contact for students who are infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

The Mission of the Special Education Department is to provide quality services that improve educational outcomes for all children with disabilities through collaborative efforts among students, families, educators, and the community. We have taken the following action steps to promote our department’s mission:

  1. Collaborating with District Departments to align services and initiatives to best support students;
  2. Supporting building administration, teachers, para-educators, itinerants and other staff;
  3. Advocating to build acceptance and understanding of all students;
  4. Promoting and implementing effective practices to provide least restrictive environments;
  5. Building capacity of all staff through ongoing professional development, coaching, and consultation; and
  6. Enhancing community relationships to promote planning and supports for students.

If you have additional questions, please choose from the links on the left or call us at 402-436-1905.


Dr. Jenny Fundus
Director of Special Education
jfundus@lps.org | 402-436-1919

Special Education Leadership

Scott Eckman
seckman1@lps.org | 402-436-1918

Mary Ells
Assistant Director of Special Education
mells@lps.org | 402-436-1806

Carrie Foster
cfoster@lps.org | 402-436-1915

Tonya Jolley
VOICE Coordinator
tjolley@lps.org | 402-436-1519

Mindy Roberts
mroberts@lps.org | 402-436-1907

Doug Schindler
Budget Coordinator
dschind@lps.org | 402-436-1913

Melissa Weber-Arnold
mweber2@lps.org | 402-436-1902

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